Jasper Street Department Infrastructure Maintenance Thur June 17th

As part of the City of Jasper’s ongoing infrastructure maintenance, the Jasper Street Dept, along with contractor, RejuvTec , will be applying a Reclamite preservation solution to the following streets, beginning now thru June 17th.

Beginning each day at approximately 7:30 a.m. thru approximately 5:00 p.m. each day.

The possibility exists of extending into the following week, in the event of inclement weather conditions or other unforeseen events. Reclamite is an asphalt rejuvenating emulsion that restores the original binder back to a proper balance.

All vehicles must be removed prior to 7:30 a.m. from streets being processed.

Affected residents will be notified, via a door hanger, in advance of treatment on their street.

Motorists will not be allowed on these streets prior to contractor removing the barricades. Once barricades have been removed,

the surface will be very slick with sand & may result in solution adhering to vehicles, therefore, extreme caution is advised, should you travel these streets shortly after barricades are removed.

Sand will be removed within 2 days.

Trash, Recycling & Yard waste collection will proceed as normal & MUST be out no later than 7:00 a.m. for pickup, as our heavy trucks will not be traveling on fresh application.

Affected streets are as follows:  (may not be processed in this order)

2nd St – Newton St to Hwy 231

Indiana St – 2nd St to Hwy 231

River Centre Landing – Main St to SR 164

E 10th St – Vine St to 1-way alley

30th St – Newton St to Brosmer St

23rd St – Mill St to Terry Ln

Terry Ln – 23rd St to 25th St

Stacy Ln – 23rd St to 25th St

100 S – Dispatch Rd to Kimball Blvd

W 19th St – West of Emily

Hospitality Dr – 100 S to dead end

W 36th St – Portersville Rd to Lakeside Dr

W 34th St – Leslie Dr to End

Wernsing Rd – Hwy 231 to End

Habig St – 11th Ave north to End

11th Ave – all

Kundek St – Wagner St to W 15th St

W 14th St – Kundek St to Maute St

Mill St – 3rd St to 5th St

E 3rd St – W of Mill St

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