Several New Laws are Now in Effect.

As we welcome July, several new laws are now in effect.

State representative randy Frye of Greensburg and chair of the house committee on veterans affairs and public safety, says a new law he authored will help alleviate jail overcrowding and allow locals to direct resources to where they matter most. that’s because judges now have additional flexibility to send all felony offenders to Indiana state prisons offering more mental health and addiction treatment options.

State representative Joanna king of Middlebury says a new law she co-authored protects fairness and integrity in women’s sports by prohibiting biological males from participating on girls’ k-12 sports teams at public schools in Indiana. The governor originally vetoed the measure, but the majority of lawmakers supported a veto override in May.

Other new and notable state laws passed during the 2022 legislative session are effective this month. Some of those include requiring school boards to allow time for public comments at all open meetings, tightening election security by doubling the number of election audits, and eliminating free speech zones on college campuses.

to learn more about these and other new laws now in effect, visit i-g-a dot i-n dot gov.

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