Dubois County Sheriff’s Office Data Privacy & Scam Prevention seminar

The Dubois County sheriff’s office recently hosted a data privacy & scam prevention seminar. Casey Klippel serves as Deputy Attorney General for the Data Privacy & Identity Theft Unit. Klippel enforces robocall, data breaches, and HIPAA violations across Indiana. Klippel gave a presentation on scams of all kinds and he talked about what information scammers are after

Klippel says scammers have become quite tricky with their techniques and that makes it more difficult for people to figure out that they are being scammed

Scammers will not only try text and phone calls but will also use the internet and other ways as well. Klippel offers these tips to help keep your information safe.

You can learn more about all the different techniques scammers use, file a complaint, and find other resources at indianaconsumer.com  if you have any doubts about whether something may be a scam or not feel free to reach out to your local police or sheriffs office before giving any personal information to anyone. you can also call the consumer protection division at 1-800-382-5516 or 317-232-6330. 

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