An Accident in Jasper Left One Vehicle Totaled

An accident in Jasper left one vehicle totaled

At 725am Thursday morning Laura Rickenbaugh of Jasper was driving a 2015 Chevy Suburban traveling South on 3rd Avenue approaching the intersection of Meridian Road.  Steven Martindale of jasper was driving a 2006 Cadillac STS and was directly behind Laura Rickenbaugh traveling South. Laura Rickenbaugh slowed her vehicle to a stop, due to a vehicle in front of her making a right turn into a parking lot nearby. Martindale impacted the rear of Rickenbaughs Suburban causing damage to both vehicles. Martindale complained of pain to his knees from the impact. Rickenbaugh complained of pain to the back of her head from the impact. Both drivers were treated at the scene and signed refusals to go to the hospital. Martindales Cadillac was a Total Loss. Laura Rickenbaughs Suburban sustained approximately $2,000 in damages.  

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