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Needless to say, cooler weather is beginning to settle here in Dubois County and Southwestern Indiana and residents are preparing themselves for the long cold winter season.

In Jasper the fall leaf pick-up program is well under way and city residents are also given the luxury of having yard waste picked up as many as three days a week year round by the Jasper Street Department.

City residents are asked to bundle or place yard waste in containers in order to be picked up. Folks can also haul waste such as leaves or limbs themselves to the street department’s resource and recovery site along South Clay Street Monday thru Friday as well as Saturday mornings.     

Jasper Mayor Terry Seitz says the service is a  courtesy to the citizens of Jasper under no obligation. Seitz notes once picked up or delivered, the waste as well as other materials are recycled and actually put to good use in the long run.

Any questions can be directed to the City of Jasper Street Department at 812-482-1130.

Also recently crews with the Jasper Street Department in preparation for the upcoming winter season sent the department’s winter snow removal equiptment out on the streets for a test exercise.

The exercise was conducted in order to check for any bugs or other problems that can be corrected before winter weather hits.   


Also available in the city on an annual basis: the sidewalk replacement program.

Every year the city puts money towards the  50/50 program where the city will recover essentially 50 percent of the sidewalk replacement costs.  Mayor Seitz says the program is really more than that…

Sidewalk replacement projects are conducted by the Jasper Street Department. Request can be made through the city’s engineering department before receiving approval by the Jasper Board of Public Works and Safety.

You can call Jasper City Hall ay 812-482-4255 for more information.

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