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The North Spencer School Corporation is looking to take some steps toward promoting alternative fuels among its vehicle fleet.

At a recent meeting Marc Schum, the Director of Facilities and Transportation told the North Spencer School Board the corporation is considering purchasing two new school buses powered by propane rather than diesel.

Plans were already in place for the school system to purchase two new school buses in the coming year  as part of it’s bus-replacement plan, at an estimated cost of about $95,000 per bus.  While propane-powered buses are more expensive than traditional diesel models, funding opportunities are available for organizations exploring alternative-fuel options.

One such source of funding comes from the Indiana Office of Energy Development’s Propane School Bus grant program, which offered $18,280 to the school system to help offset additional costs of establishing the beginnings of a propane-powered vehicle fleet. The board readily accepted this grant, and has high hopes for further assistance in this effort as well.

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