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This coming Monday Feb. 1st is the deadline that a joint committee from the Jasper Public Library board and Jasper Community Arts Commission has set for any interested private property developers to submit a proposal of interest to take part in the Jasper Culture Center project.

Last night the committee was updated on inquiries of the advertisement they published earlier this month in search of private developers.

The committee recognized the variety of those seeking to learn more about the Jasper Cultural Center project such as developers and architects alike.

Though the committee is waiting until Monday for proposals, last night they brainstormed a possible criteria to use in order to set expectations and be prepared for interviewing potential developer candidates.

Members of this committee agreed with the idea of conducting on-sight visits to constructed sites that potential developers have already accomplished in order to evaluated their decision on the best fit for this project.

Their plan after that is to receive proposals they will move on to doing interviews or on-sight visits and they anticipate on deciding on which companies will join the project as a private developer towards the end of February.

Now since the project requires a private developer to be involved in the process of being eligible for an approximate $3.4 million dollars in tax credits from the Indiana Economic Development Corporation this joint committee has taken swift actions in order to get their required components put into place.

While the search for private developer proposals has only taken place during the month of January, Director of Jasper Public Library , Christine Golden, elaborates on the brief deadline to seek developersÖ

As there appears to be a series of steps needed to accomplish prior to setting construction plans for this project, Golden says that if the library has a successful referendum outcome in November of this year, they would sell the bonds towards the end of 2016 or early 2017 with an estimated outlook of perhaps beginning construction of the Jasper Cultural Center in Spring of 2017.

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