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Members from the Jasper Public Library Board and the Jasper Community Arts Commission voiced their opinions and concerns at Jasper City Hall yesterday, as their discussion made progress into clarifying components for the proposed Jasper Cultural Center project.

The two community groups came together to discuss the project’s essential components of  art, library, and private development.

As discussed in previous meetings the project is eligible for an approximate $3.4 million dollars in tax credits from the Indiana Economic Development Corporation which would allow funding for the project restructure of the former Hoosier Desk site that would include art and library services, however it also requires a private entity to be part of its conception.

The Hoosier Desk site itself has a history in Jasper.

City Attorney Renee Kabrick says the idea of the Jasper Cultural Center stems from the city’s proposed Downtown Riverfront Plan.

Now yesterday the roles between the public and private entities involved in this project were thoroughly discussed, which in this case the private entity in question was City Property Group.

One of the main concerns for questioning City Property Group was to be fair to other private development entities who might be interested in being a partner as well.

The private development component of this project could be used for various outlets such as office space, apartments, retail, or other use.

Both committees came to an agreement to open up and welcome proposals from other private development entities interested in becoming affiliated and partnering with this project.

Jasper Community Arts Commission President Mike Jones says the concept of the Jasper Cultural Center is unique and unprecedented.

Library Director Christine Golden suggested proposals be sought after in media entities such as newspapers locally or statewide by the end of the week.

Proposals will be due from interested developers by February 2nd with a final decision expected  in March.

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