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Nobody was injured and no poultry was lost when fire broke out at a turkey farm in northeast Dubois County Sunday afternoon.

At around a quarter after 4 pm crews with the Dubois Volunteer Fire firefighters were called to DC Poultry located along the 7700 Block of North County Road 400 East.  The fire was reported by a couple of neighbors and when they arrived, firefighters found a 40-by-500 building fully engulfed in flames.

Firefighters held the fire to the single building, but it was destroyed in the blaze. The building did not have turkeys in it at the time of the blaze.

Dubois fire spokesman Zach Eichmiller says Evan Schnell, who operates the farm, told firefighters that he had put a tractor with a shavings spreader attached and a skid loader in the barn after using them at around 1 pm with nothing out of the ordinary.  Eichmiller says the building did not have turkeys in it at the time of the blaze, but was declared a total loss.

Eichmiller says the farm consists of six building at the edge of 400 East. Three of which next to the road were empty with the three remaining buildings being full of turkeys. He says no birds were killed or injured in the incident.

Eichmiller says the fire appears to have started in the area where the tractor and spreader were sitting in the building.

Schnell also told authorities the building was insured along with the equipment, all of which was a total loss.

Three Trucks and 33 Dubois firefighters as well as a tanker and six men from the Haysville department were on the scene for about two hours.  Once again, no one was injured. The building was a total loss.

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