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Earlier this week Jasper Mayor Terry Seitz signed a proclamation naming the month March as Disability Awareness Month for the City of Jasper. This proclamation was announced during a regular meeting of the Jasper Board of Public Works & Safety.

CAM01949The group who proposed this request is from the Southern Indiana Resource Solutions Inc.,which is more commonly known as the SIRS organization. During the proclamation there were community members who are both advocates and also who utilize the SIRS programs and services present Tuesday morning.

Southern Indiana Resource Solutions Inc. (SIRS, Inc.), provides quality support for adults and children with disabilities. The organization was founded in 1968 through the grassroots efforts of local parents of adults with disabilities who desired to keep their children in their homes and local communities rather than sending them to state-run institutions for the developmentally disabled.

SIRS, Board Vice President of Community Operations, Patty Oser, shares the purpose of the proclamation and what awareness they hope to establish in Jasper.

Oser, added that she was at a public meeting and the organization asked her to work for them. She testified that she has members in her family with disabilities and that working for the organization has been an amazing experience. She continues by stating that she is proud of what the agency has accomplished by the ways they have helped people grow and support them everyday in their communities.

SIRS Marketing and Development Director, Mary James, expressed gratitude towards the proclamation signing.

James, started working for SIRS based on her interest to be an advocate as her sister, Debbie, was born with Spina Bifida but to James her sister has always just been Debbie growing up.

She continues by saying that when she ventured to college she wanted to dedicate her efforts to the awareness of disabilities and wanted everyone to recognize Debbie as Debbie and not based on her using crutches, which then lead James to working for SIRS.
To learn more about SIRS you can visit the organization’s website at .


(Group photo courtesy of: Lisa Bower, Mayor Seitz- Administrative Assistant)

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