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Huntingburg Mayor Denny Spinner, the Utility Board, as well as the Common Council heard from Doug Buresch Senior Vice President, of Planning & Operations with the Indiana Municipal Power Agency, on net metering tariff information for those who decide to use solar energy systems in their homes.

Buresch told the council two issues at hand worth acknowledging were to 1st consider the right safety of the personnel who would put the solar panels in place and 2nd to consider the right tariffs needed for the system.

Buresch explains what net metering deals with as it fits with the possible use of solar panels at a residence.

Buresch talked about the equity issue between a solar customer and a non-solar customer. Buresch says if a solar customer comes in with a low residential charge and does not use any power regarding the kilowatt hours then it would result in the non-solar customers having to pay the amount the customersCAM01969 would’ve have paid had they stayed in the regular energy distribution system.

He says to make it equitable the customer should be charged a higher rate than net metering customers and solar installation customers in order to be fair to non-solar customers.

Huntingburg officials made no decisions on any observations discussed with the IMPA representative and instead will review the information to possibly speak on the matter at another meeting.

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