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Tuesday there will be 12 polling locations in Dubois County as some locations have been combined but are still precinct specific.

Last night the poll worker training took place in Jasper Middle School. Dubois County Clerk-Bridgette Jarboe, describes how individuals who are chosen to work the polls are chosen by their party chairs in Dubois County. She further explains the types of poll worker roles a voter will come in contact with as they visit a voting site for the primary elections.

She also adds that the high school students who were at the training and will be working at the polls can only be able to participate if they received permission from both their parents and school principal as well as have a GPA of 3.5 or higher.
CAM02419Before entered the training room, poll worker inspectors, judges, or clerks were each instructed by Jarboe’s staff who are Dubois County Clerk Deputies to register at the I-Pad devices set up. These I-Pad devices have replaced the poll books who were excessive in size and needed to be printed out each year.

During training Jarboe and her colleagues spoke on the specifics of various forms. One of the forms discussed was the PRE-3 that can be filled out if a person is assisting a voter who needs help due to a disability or other reasons. They also explained that voting officers can also assist if an individual doesn’t have anyone else to help in voting but stressed that there has to be both a Democrat and Republican who are either reading to the voter and pushing the buttons only if the voter is unable to do so themselves. Also Sheriff Donny Lampert talked about safety training for those working at the sites.

Jarboe emphasizes on the significance Indiana plays in this year’s voting and why Hoosiers should vote.

Jarboe and her colleagues also encouraged the training participants to have a rapport with the voters and touch based to make sure they cast their vote.

So far there have been 1,542 early voters that have gone to the Dubois County courthouse, 116 in Huntingburg, and around 82-84 in Ferdinand.

Jarboe states that some of the poll worker are returning participants but the training serves as a review in order to secure a solid election.

For more information visit the Dubois County Voting Information page.

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