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Wednesday night the Southeast Dubois County School Board agreed to enter into a contract with of over 3-thousand dollars with Sellersburg-based Five-Star Technology Solutions who serves the purpose of managing network services by evaluating technology already in place at a K-12 institution.

This service is valuable to a more fluid way of teaching with technology as the company strives to apply changes to reduce disruptions from network delays.

Southeast Dubois principals on hand collectively agreed that partnering up with Five-Star would benefit teachers in the schools they administer.

Southeast Dubois Superintendent Rick Allen provides insight on the significance of going into contract with 5-Star Technology.

Allen says the district wants to move forward with their technology which includes having teachers continue and stay up to date with their implementation of technology use in conducting their lessons by receiving professional development.

With the incorporation of 5-Star teachers will have access to a network of online professional development portals that will help them keep track of their learning from onsite training, online courses, and webinars the company offers.

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