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This just in, officials with the Dubois County Emergency Management Agency say the Town of Holland’s Tornado Warning siren has been restored to service.

Sirens across the county were tested back on the first week of June where officials with the town of Holland said they found that the siren in Holland was malfunctioning and was not in service. Upon this discovery the Holland Town Board President Tom Thacker, Fire Chief Adam Chambers and Dubois County Emergency Management Director Tammy Humbert notified Federal Field Services.

Now while the siren is back in service, officials continue to encouraged citizens not to depend on the sirens and to use their S.A.M.E. weather radios and to always have fresh batteries as they are ready to provide information in regards to any severe weather headed for the area.

They note that sirens are not to replace your own notification process such as NOAA weather radios.

If you have any questions  please give Tammy Humbert a call at the emergency management agency at 812-482-2202.

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