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Another round of heavy thunderstorms rolled through the area Wednesday evening producing widespread but somewhat minimal damage throughout parts of Dubois County.

Severe weather packing winds gusting as high as 60 mph as well as heavy rain entered Dubois County from the southwest between 6:30 and 7 pm knocking down trees and powerlines in parts of the county including one tree that fell outside the right field area of Jasper’s Alvin C. Ruxer Field.

Power was knocked out in areas on Jasper’s south-side.

No funnel clouds were reported as of yet unlike the one reported as a result of a storm that hit the area Tuesday afternoon.

Information on that funnel which apparently did not touch the ground was sent to the Louisville office of the National Weather Service Tuesday night however, the weather service has yet to provide a return report on that incident.

Last night’s storm moved though the area rather quickly. No other reports of damage have been submitted as of yet.

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