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Monday night the City of Jasper Gas & Water Manager, Tim Doersam, requested for the approval to hire a Filter Operator, since Mike Gould has been promoted to plant maintenance mechanic and his position needs to be filled. The board approved the request to start the hiring process for external application. Doersam also suggested that he preferred someone who is licensed in that field, but is not required.

Doersam also reported that the department replaced two 3” gas valves two weeks ago, between 8th and 9th street that were being worked on due to leaking flange valves. There was also a water leak near 14th and 15th streets near the rail road, with the duration of loosing water to be about ½ hour. Doersam and the board also spoke about work that was happening on Newton Street on June 15th, as people were passing the water tower they were witnessing the hard work of the department as they quickly fixed a water leak in the area. Doersam also said there are two new employees assuming the roles of Distribution Mechanics, Nick Copper and Cody Kreilein for the Gas & Water Department.



Also other items discussed were from Wastewater Manager, Ed Hollinden, as he spoke about the proposal created by , Derick Wiggins, a professional engineer and Board Secretary at Midwestern Engineers,Inc. (MEI). The proposal is regarding the primary classifier replacement project relative to Jasper’s plant. Board member, Wayne Schuetter, made a comment that the plant has been around 25 years and with these project modification it could allow it to last 10-15 more years.

The Jasper Utility board approved the proposal for Midwestern to oversee the project and for the amount mentioned not to exceed $27,500 with the flexibility to allow Midwestern to observe the project’s progress and than if needed can come back to the board to discuss additional funds. For this approval it was noted that it’s contingent upon legal review from City Attorney, Renee Kabrick.

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