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Tuesday night several items of discussion were approved by the Huntingburg Common Council as they were presented to the council and public.

Up first was a Resolution Adopting the Title 6 plan and Non-discrimination agreement that had been tabled from previous meetings. The council voted unanimously in favor of it’s adoption which was first only voted in favor at an earlier meeting.

It was revived and Huntingburg City Attorney Phil Schneider stated there needed to be a higher vote from the council to fully pass a resolution.

Last night all members of the council were on hand and the vote was carried out.  After the initial meeting this resolution was brought up by Huntingburg Mayor Denny Spinner who released a statement and within the statement says that he was, “calling on the council to pass the resolution unanimously to demonstrate the city’s commitment to not only uphold the laws of our nation, but to demonstrate that Huntingburg is an inclusive city that respects and values of all their citizens.”

The federal Title 6 Plan was already adopted by the City of Huntingburg back in 2015. It need to be reconsidered since the federal government updated the plan that deals with anti-discrimination statutes and regulations. Now in order to receive federal funds municipalities must have a non-discrimination policy as defined by federal statue.

There was also a 2-step part resolution and ordinance proposed regarding setting mechanisms to acquire funds within the protocol parameters that are placed upon government bodies.

Both the resolution approving an order of the Huntingburg Plan Commission and the ordinance establishing fund 265 in reference to the Rainy Day Restricted TIF Allocation Fund and Local Road and Bridge Matching Grant Funds were approved by the council.


Dave Buse from Perry Spencer Communications provided the council an update on plans for fiber network usage stating that fiber is proofed for the future.

Buse was also there for the consideration of the Fiber Network Agreement between Perry Spencer Communications and the City of Huntingburg.

Mayor Denny Spinner elaborates on the agreement and how it will affect the city.

Spinner stated that so far the city has had this agreement in place for 3 years and prior to that there was no official network in place. He says there is no specific grant that pays for this agreement as it is already an item under communications within the regular Huntingburg budget.

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