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Thursday afternoon updated data for the effective circulation of material and resources was discussed by members of the Dubois County Contractual Library Board.

Specifically for the Jasper Public Library, a total circulation of material and resources was estimated at over 63,000 for the 2nd Quarter of this year, with a total of over 40,000 books used and over 21,000 total of non printed resource such as audio books and games. The program attendance also rated high compared to the 2nd quarter last year with over 2,900 attendees for summer programs as this year’s 2nd quarter program attendance was just over 3,200.

In both the Dubois Contractual Board and Jasper Public Library board meetings, the Library Gift Policy was discussed. This gift policy reflects on donations whether its based on monetary value or other formats of donations such as in-kind, material.

The policy was approved by the board and also includes restricted gifts such as gifts-in-kind such as furniture, equipment, art, etc. and gifts of consequence for example real property, stocks, annuities, and large monetary gifts.

These were mentioned to be considered individually and accepted at the discretion of the Jasper Public Library Board of Trustees in consultation with Library Director Christine Golden.

This gift policy is relevant to a recent approach by an interested party to donate in the format of stocks.

This lead to the discussion and approval of the resolution to establish a brokerage account with German American as this resolution is being sought to accept gifts in stock.

Golden, clarified that any gifts in stock would be liquidated immediately by going through the proper procedures, and that by accepting this format of donations is simply another avenue for people to donate.

Golden also spoke about the positive growth of volunteers. She says that there has been a lot of help with the development of educational resources that might not have been possible without the volunteers’ initiatives.

Library Board President Dean Vonderheide noted on the effectiveness of those volunteers as it helps control costs as they contribute their time and knowledge to levitate the growth of library services and resources.

Vonderheide also mentioned that the  LEADS  group has reported increase of donations as currently there are  $2.7 million in donations and is showing great momentum.

Golden, gave a report on the next steps regarding one of the requirements for the referendum. She said there was progress in getting the 1st approval from the Dubois County Election Board after Board Attorney Bill Shaneyfelt sent information to the election board late June and they promptly heard from the Department of Local Government Finance.

This means they now have to go back to the election board for a final approval of proposed language and estimated rate certification for a ballot question to be placed on the Jasper Public Library referendum.

The meeting with the election board will take place this Monday July 18th.

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