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Republican gubernatorial candidate Eric Holcomb was on hand not only for opening ceremonies of the 38th annual Jasper Strassenfest this past Thursday but also shook hands and spent some time to converse with members of the Jasper community at both the Jasper Train Depot and inside the Strassenfest beer garden.

Holcomb said visiting an event such as the Strassenfest and speaking with residents allowes him to partake in such a special time calling the Jasper community one of Indiana’s finest.

He elaborates on what it means when people express their concerns about the Hoosier state.

Holcomb also speaks on the goals he has in mind as he focuses on his campaign to run for governor of Indiana.

Holcomb says he came to the political scene 12 years ago and says much has changed in those dozen years. He pointed out that Indiana has a triple A credit rating which matters allowing the state to diversify the economy. Democrat gubernatorial candidate John Gregg will also be in town as he will be visiting the Hedinger Beverage Distributing facilities next Monday for a fundraising event and tour of the facility.

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