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Principals around the Northeast Dubois School Corporation introduced new assistant teachers Dawn Reuber, Dawn Ferguson, and Dennis Palmer to the Northeast Dubois School Board Tuesday evening at their regular September board meeting. After conducting a public hearing in mid August about the Capital Projects and Bus Replacement Fund included in the 2017 budget the board approved the proposed plans. The board also approved a list of fundraisers for this school year for Celestine and Dubois elementary as well as Dubois Middle and High schools. Superintendent Bill Hochesang read sections of the Teacher Contract Agreement that stipulated any teacher affected last year due to no funding availabile for the 4th year in a row will be applied as compensation to any teacher affected last year. They will receive reimbursement for professional development divided evenly among teachers through a Title 2 grant.

The discovery of a mistake dated back on a contract negotiation from the fall of 2010 where a contract negotiated result in a contract extending 3 years containing a schedule of school corporation contribution for its medical premiums for full time certified teachers calling for a progressive school corporation increase.

With the change of school administration the school corporation failed to pay the full amount of increase required by the 2010 agreement.
As a result over the 5 year period of 2011 through 2016 the school corporation contribution on behalf of teachers has been understated by $100 per year which will be reimbursed by a one time payment to full-time teachers with $100 from the 5 year period which will be received in either a stipend or deposit in their health care plan. Hochesang provided a full apology to the corporation and it’s faculty in regards to the oversight. Hochesang also announced a county wide calendar update from a meeting that took place with faculty members. Hochesang explained the reason why discussion of this topic is a big step for the corporation.

Hochegesang says the dialogue is still on going and will bring back a final proposal to the board in their October meeting. Hochesang also reminded the public about early voting opportunities beginning October 29th in the Dubois Library from 8 am till 12 pm, November 3rd in the Haysville Fire Station from 10 am till 6 pm, November 4th in the Dubois Library from 10 am till 6 pm and November 5th in the Dubois Library from 8 am till 12 p.m.

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