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Representatives from the Dubois County Community Foundation, the Jasper Cultural Center, and the City of Jasper addressed the public at a press conference Tuesday morning regarding a grant announcement. Executive Director, Clayton Boyles announced a $75,000 grant has been given towards for the Jasper Cultural Center and directed to the Jasper Public Library Endowment. Boyles says the foundation admires the growth of Jasper and the dedication to become part of the sustainability and development and long-term capability for organizations in the area.

Boyles elaborates the significance in investing in the cultural center with current and future generations in mind…

Boyles noted that as part of a generation who sees Jasper and Dubois County as such a wonderful community to come back home to, he says Jasper has such a familial atmosphere worth investing in.

The grant will be added to an existing endowment held by the Dubois County Community Foundation. Jasper Public Library Board President, Dean Vonderheide shared his gratitude on behalf of the library board. Vonderheide added that the endowment will help them minimize property taxes in the future and says he admires the collaborative approach by the library staff and board, the arts commission and arts staff, and now the Community Foundation. Vonderheide notes that the Jasper Cultural Center project is for the entire community to create a place for all to learn and reach their potential.

This grant is the second largest in the history of the community foundation, behind to a grant made in 2014 to the Next Act, for the Astra Theater in downtown Jasper. Arts Commission President, Mike Jones, provided an example about a question regarding the Jasper Cultural Center and why people should support the proposed project in next months general election. Jones says that the quality of life is an element that will contribute to the future of Jasper.

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