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Three high school seniors were acknowledged Tuesday morning at the 4th Annual WestGate Academy College Fair with scholarships that collectively summed up to $3,000. The students were encouraged to submit an essay prior to attending the college fair with the focus on how areas such as science, technology, engineering, and math can become elements to configuring world issues. Jonathon Ritter a senior at North Daviess Jr./Sr. High School titled his essay “The Great Dilemma: World Hunger” that earned him a $1,500 scholarship from Westgate Academy. Second place winner senior Alexandria Kilzer from Bloomfield High School won a $1,000 scholarship and senior Allyson Speer from North Daviess was awarded $500 for third place.


The scholarship money is raised through the annual Running for Our Future 5K that takes place every summer at the Westgate Technology Park. Ritter focused on world hunger and says it’s a highly prevalent issue and he believes there are scientific and technological resources to attempt a solution towards the issue with proper application.


Ritter describes the areas of science he mentions in his essay and what he plans to pursue in higher education.

Ritter plans to attend Indiana University Bloomington with a major in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology before hoping to continue to Ohio State or Purdue for graduate school with the focus in Bio-medicine as he pursues a career in Bio-medical Research.




Alex Jackson, a Westgate Academy Event Organizer, talks about the type of assistance that can be provided and how it can be utilized.

Jackson says giving back to the community through scholarships is a well rounded effort to bring students to the facility giving them exposure to various types of career opportunities by welcoming more than 30 college and university representatives from Indiana, Kentucky, and Illinois at WestGate Academy facility and also a large group of students from 12 high schools.

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