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The Jasper Public Library Board Thursday afternoon talked about accomplishing an effective outreach and their initiatives to continue informing the public about facts about the referendum planned for next months general election.

Library Director, Christine Golden, informed the board about upcoming Open Houses at the Jasper location and says they are ready to continue informing their fellow constituents and anyone else who simply wants to learn how the referendum may affect and benefit them…

Golden says supporters have began the process of going door to door to inform local residents about the referendum and provide valuable information that they also shared at the Chamber of Commerce 63rd Annual Luncheon meeting.

Golden also explained that some interesting findings that people have learned about this whole process is what determines the eligibility to vote for the Library Referendum and that with simply creating discussion and being informed people have the opportunity to learn more.

The board also shared that the LEADs Community Fundraising Campaign that includes the Jasper Library, is estimated to reach close to 4 ½ million dollars.

Board President Dean Vonderheide stated that the momentum is shifting where the community of Jasper is reaching out to the Jasper Library Board to learn about the referendum and that this notable action is appreciated and encouraging.

The library currently has a measuring thermometer displayed at their Main Street location and there’s also one at the Hoosier Desk location as Golden notes they want to inform the community how much LEADs has raised overall.

They emphasized that meeting with community members, organizations, potential donors, and others will not cease and if the referendum passes the meetings will continue to keep everyone informed on the next steps of the overall process.

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