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Friday afternoon Gibson County requested assistance from Dubois County fire stations and other surrounding fire stations to contain a 50-Acre field fire.

The fire was reported to be in Oakland City near the golf course.

Throughout the afternoon on Friday Jasper, Holland, and other Fire Departments were confirming sending some of their fire trucks and firefighters to the scene.

Gibson County had been dealing with the fire and smoke earlier in the day however the fire extended and grew covering 50 acre field.

Since about 1pm the Gibson County Sheriff’s Department had made notification for motorist to use caution in the SR 64/ Whispering Hills area due to fire trucks that could possibly be in the roadway helping with the fire.

Then later on after 4:30pm Gibson Sheriff’s Dept. advised motorist to avoid SR 64 between 950E and SR 57 as the road would be closed due to heavy smoke from the field fire creating zero visibility and was then the advisory was lifted closer to 6pm.

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