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Indiana’s legislative leaders say they expect a strong working relationship with new Governor Eric Holcomb.

Holcomb’s only been lieutenant governor for eight months, but House Speaker Brian Bosma says he knows him well from Holcomb’s 12 years working with Governor Mitch Daniels and as state party chairman. He says Holcomb and House Republicans will enter the new governor’s first legislative session with similar priorities: a gimmick-free balanced budget and a comprehensive plan for funding road and bridge repairs, following a short-term package approved this year.

Bosma predicts Holcomb will share Daniels’ policy outlook, but with a more congenial approach than the hard-charging Daniels…..

House Minority Leader Scott Pelath acknowledges the continuation of Republicans’ super majority means Republicans will set the agenda, but says he’s worked well with Holcomb in the past. He says Democrats will support good ideas and critique those they oppose.

Pelath says he began to fear a rough night for Indiana Democrats when he saw heavily pro-Trump early voting a couple of days before the election.
But he warns voters will expect Republicans to deliver on their promises, and says the 2018 election will be a referendum on both Trump and Holcomb.

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