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During this week we had the opportunity to engage in conversation with Alan Hanselman Co-Owner of Schnitzelbank Restaurant here in Jasper as the Olde World landmark joins forces with modern technology.

TESLA information: “Superchargers are free connectors that charge Model S and Model X in minutes instead of hours. Stations are strategically placed to minimize stops during long distance travel and are conveniently located near restaurants, shopping centers, and WiFi hot spots.”

Hanselman spoke about the innovative partnership between Schnitzelbank and TESLA Motors company and how they have given the restaurant two of their chargers to place near the establishment. By doing so it will allow anyone in need of this service whether that’s to charge their TESLA vehicles or in need of charging their Chevrolet Volt. Engaging in this partnership and housing the chargers was at no cost to the restaurant who only paid for the electronic installation.

Alan Hanselman, Co-Owner of the Schnitzelbank Restaurant, explains the use of TESLA chargers at his establishment.

Hanselman explained that TESLA is one of the premier battery operating vehicle companies and he’s excited to be part of this groundbreaking partnership as the company chose Schnitzelbank’s location.

Hanselman explained that currently there is no other TESLA charging location in Dubois County and that the closest location that provides such chargers is French Lick. He says that not only will these new machines draw TESLA vehicle owners but also anyone interested in learning more about the company as they plan to bring several cars to the Schnitzelbank parking lot and invite the public to drive test the TESLA vehicles.

It cost between 6 to 10 dollars for people to fully charge their cars for about 30 minutes while they dine in at the restaurant or venture towards other landmarks in Jasper near the area.

According to TESLA Motors they invest in finding destination establishments such as restaurants and hotels and strategically place superchargers along well-traveled highways and in congested city centers. Schnitzelbank has now become part of the growing network of destination charging partners by having Tesla chargers at their location and continue on the path of being one of Indiana’s destination restaurant through technology innovation.


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