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The Dubois County Council heard from Cheryl Sermersheim Monday afternoon regarding an overview of necessary expenses for renovations of the Dubois County Museum.

Sermersheim thanked the council for their support of the Museum and said she feels the facility is an asset to the community.


She says the facility will have to undergo some changes as the city fire code officer has levied citations with new public access codes for the building.

Sermersheim added that they in the mist plannig to continuing their fundraising and writing grants to accommodate any costs. She says that while they rely on many volunteers, she encourages everyone in the community to be involved as well.

Council President Greg Kendall expressed his gratitude towards Sermersheim and all the board of directors for engaging into preserving the Museum who spends $6,000 a month for the facilities utility costs.

Sermersheim says she hopes that in the future the Museum can hire a director in order to oversee museum activities with more attention.


The council also heard from Emergency Management Director Tammy Humbert who says that the money the council provided from the rainy day fund for expenses directed towards the avian flu was reimbursed.

Humbert stated that they have a lot to be proud of as a county in regards to actions taken in battling the epidemic.

County Commissioner Elmer Brames announced to the council that Miller and deputy director, Gary Fritz, were selected out of the 92 Counties to receive the President’s Award at the Emergency Management Alliance of Indiana Awards in Indianapolis earlier this month.

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