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The Astra hosted the Will Read and Sing for Food’s 100th show this past Friday. Will Read and Sing for Food is a live benefit show that takes humor, essays, and music to raise money and charity towards different local causes. The events have been going on since October of 2011 when they were started by Scott Saalman.

This show was the first to play reggae music with the performance of Zion Albert. Albert had a lot to say about what music meant to him as a performer. He spoke on how music brings people together, especially that night with the Christmas and reggae songs being played.

Scott Saalman, the founder of Will Read and Sing for Food, stated that he’s wanted reggae music in his show for a long time. Saalman spoke on what means the most to him when it comes to these shows is that there are people helping towards his cause and continuing to help work towards his cause. He also stated how the important aspect of the show is the money being raised for the different organizations that Will Read and Sing for Food raises money towards.

Will Read and Sing for Food will hold another benefit show for St. Vincent de Paul at Klubhaus 61 in Jasper on January 6th at 7 pm. Upcoming Will Read and Sing for Food events and other information can be found on their Facebook page.

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