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According to Ireland Fire Chief Stan Seifert the Ireland Fire Department responded to a fire on Tuesday at 4505 west 235 N at Schmitt residence.

The Ireland Fire Department was dispatched to a kitchen fire that resulted from an unattended stove that was accidently left on.

Fire Chief Seifert stated that upon arrival officials had found that a neighbor of the Schmitt residence had went into their home and pulled a pan of grease outside to help ventilate the smoke from inside the house.

The incident occurred as someone from the Schmitt residence had been cooking food and accidently left the stove on. They heard the fire alarm go off and realized the kitchen stove was in flames. Ireland Fire Chief Seifert describes the results of the kitchen fire…

Fire Chief Seifert says currently the house is inhabitable from all the smoke damage and then will be able to return once it gets cleared. 4 truck and 12 firefighters from the Ireland Fire Department were on scene for about half an hour.

Also, at the scene was the EMS who checked Mr. Schmitt as he inhaled a lot of smoke from the fire.

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