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Tuesday the Jasper Public Works discussed the development of the parking lot for the proposed River Center project.

The board listening to attorney Bill Kiaser and discuss the lease agreement between the city and the River Center. Work on the parking lot for the project is set to start in the later part of 2017.

A proposed improvement of lighting and a parking plan was submitted and is awaiting review. Of the property to be developed the city has cleared the last house from the area.

The parking was also discussed that it may aid in overflow parking for the nearby Jasper train depot and that it will be up to the city to designate parking in the case of events that are held at both locations at the same time. The issue of maintaining public access to Mill Street through the streets of South Jackson and Newton Streets were also made aware.

A ground lease between the city and the River Center was approved with the lease having insurance in place for parking and pedestrians with the liability lying with the River Center.
The board approved an ordinance to include city parking regulations for the parking lot located at the corner of 4th and Main streets next to The Brew.

The parking lot which is city owned will now be 2 hour parking unless an all day parking permit has been purchased.

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