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Following historic investments in Indiana’s infrastructure, the City of Huntingburg Wednesday celebrated the recent improvements on Washington Street.

The Washington Street Reconstruction Project was completed in order to improve safety, resolve congestive traffic in the area, and provide connectivity to both minor and major collector roads.

Local State Senators Mark Messmer and Erin Houchin, as well as State Represenative Lloyd Arnold, and Accelerate Indiana Municipalities (AIM) Executive Director & CEO Matt Greller, joined Huntingburg Mayor Denny Spinner, and other city leaders to commemorate the project.

Spinner said while Standing on Washington Street Wednesday they recognized the projects the city can accomplish when working with their State partners.

The Mayor says safer roads are one of their top priorities, and that is what was accomplished here due to Governor Eric Holcomb, forward-thinking legislators and the Indiana Department of Transportation through the Community Crossings grant.

Improvements were made possible through new funding provided by the Indiana General Assembly. In 2016, state lawmakers created the Community Crossings Matching Grant program.

During its inaugural year, the program provided nearly $86 million in road funding to Indiana’s cities and towns. Locally, Huntingburg received $1 million.

The Washington Street Reconstruction Project consists of 1,410 feet of reconstructed road and was the City’s number one priority road project for 2016.

The cost estimate of the project was $222,433, of which the City of Huntingburg contributed $111,216.50 in Local Option Income Tax.

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