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The Coronavirus is having a large impact on the community including the Dubois County 4-H program.

If you are a 4-H volunteer, you may be wondering, what do I need to do?

According to the Purdue Extension office, all volunteers must notify their club members of event cancellations including club meetings after March 16th and before April 30th.

Keep an eye on the email and the newsletter for the latest updates.

Do not hold any club events until after April 30th.

Because of COVID-19, restrictions have been placed on all Purdue-sponsored events, including the Dubois County 4-H program from March 16th to April 30th.

All Dubois County program events and club meetings are canceled or postponed during this time period.

This means there will be no club meetings or events taking place between March 16th and April 30th.

Only the following events will take place during this restricted time frame:

  • Babysitting SPARK club on March 24th
  • Spring Break Day Camp on March 26th
  • 4-H Council Meeting on March 30th
  • 4-H Adults Leaders Meeting on April 8th
  • Livestock Committee Meeting on April 6th
  •  4-H Council meeting on April 27th

If you are signed up for any of these events or are part of the council/committee and no longer wish to attend the events due to COVID-19., contact Lisa Wilson at

If you have been traveling around the state, are feeling ill, or have been around ill individuals, you are asked to not attend these events.

We will keep you updated as more information becomes available.

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