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As of April 2, at 8 a.m., there were no new positive COVID-19 cases of Dubois County residents. Dubois County currently has 3 positive cases.

Health care providers are instructing their patients who present with COVID-19 symptoms to self-quarantine. Not everyone who has symptoms needs to be tested. Testing guidelines are set by the Indiana State Department of Health and must be followed. Testing does NOT change the treatment. You may be asked to isolate or quarantine yourself. STAY HOME. Practice social distancing and good hand hygiene. Follow up with your health care provider if symptoms get worse.

The difference between isolation and quarantine.

Isolation is for individuals who are ill.
-Separate people who are ill and contagious from healthy individuals.
-Restrict movement of people who are contagious to stop the spread of illness.

Quarantine is for individuals who have been exposed but not ill.
– This applies to the separation and restriction of movement of individuals who are not ill but have been exposed to a contagious disease in order to prevent the spread of illness.

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