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After some promotion from a popular sports website and a football star, a local clothing store is getting international orders.

Siebert’s Clothing in Jasper reached national headlines after submitting to be a part of Barstool Sport’s Barstool Fund, a campaign to raise money for small businesses affected by COVID-19.

Siebert’s Sales Manager, Rachel Siebert, saw the campaign and decided to apply, with hopes of getting recognized due to the store’s history.

“Honestly, I had a good feeling about it. I thought that we had a good story and we have been in business for a long time. I had missed the first phone call on Sunday and thought oh my gosh, I just threw the opportunity away.  When he called us back on Monday, I couldn’t hold the phone because I was shaking,” Rachel says.

Rachel is the daughter of the third-generation owner, Jim Seibert, who didn’t think much of the attempt.

“I thought that this was a big city event and felt like we didn’t have a chance at being qualified,” Jim says.

However, his daughter’s submission gained the attention of Barstool Sport’s Founder, Dave Portnoy.

Portnoy was moved by the story of Siebert’s and decided to give Siebert’s a call. Portnoy shared the phone call on social media, which gained so much attraction, football quarterback Tom Brady decided to throw money into the Barstool Fund.

“I get emotional just thinking about how big guys like that would be paying attention to a little store like ours in the middle of nowhere,” Jim says.

With all of this social media presence, Seibert’s gained national attention, getting phone calls from major media outlets for interviews and orders from all across the world.

“We’re getting a lot of calls, emails, and Facebook messages. I had an email from Australia and a guy from Toronto called on Tuesday. We’re getting orders in from Texas, Louisana, Wisconsin, and just all over. It’s been very overwhelming, but in a good way,” Rachel says.

“I’ve had fraternity brothers that I haven’t seen in over thirty or forty years call and congratulate us. It’s been an amazing experience,” Jim says.

Rachel says that the fund has helped bring some ease to the Siebert’s family, as the COVID-19 pandemic has brought hardships to the store, like many other small businesses.

“We didn’t have prom, which is one of the biggest months in our business.  Then we were closed for six weeks and we did half of what we normally do for Christmas,” Rachel says.

Rachel says that shopping locally helps everyone in the community.

“Your dollar goes a little further in our community. More of your dollar stays here than it does in chain stores. If you need just one little item and can get it somewhere locally, we are very thankful for that,” Rachel says,

Jim hopes that Rachel and his son Jeff take over for the store within the next year or two.

Siebert’s has been in operation since 1922. They are located on the square in Downtown Jasper, with stores located in West Baden and French Lick.

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