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The new Jasper Public Library is open to the public! And to quote a visitor, it’s like stepping into New York.

Located inside the new Theyn-Clark Cultural Center, the new library opens up and sprawls across, giving room to breathe for books and readers alike.

Library Director Christine Golden says that everyone coming into the new facility is just awestruck.

“That’s one of the biggest things we noticed. When people are coming in, they’re going ‘Wow,’ and they’re looking around and they’re saying this is an inviting place to stay and hang out and work. We’re going to get through this pandemic time and this COVID time and then we’re going to be able to fully utilize every facility in here.”

Golden says that she’s glad that everyone has been excited about the new library during the whole process.

“It’s been exciting already. People are coming in. A lot of people curious about the building. A lot of people just getting to work. They needed to get the books. They needed to use the internet. We’re so excited to have everyone in here.”

The new library not only has areas for teens and children, but also new areas to study and craft.

“One of the biggest areas that we’ve never had before in our libraries is our Maker Space. We’re going to be doing all kinds of laser engraving and 3D printing. Another big area of ours is a teen zone. Our teen area before was a hallway into the kid’s area. It’s just going to be having these new places to be able to get to have the programs and all the features that we’ve always dreamed of.”

Those wanting to check out the new library need to park in the back parking lot, located on 4th street.

Library-to-go service is available for those unable to come inside. Please call the library at 812-482-2712 for more information.

Right now, the library is still following health and safety guidelines to keep everyone safe.

The library will only allow 100 patrons in at a time. Masks will be required for everyone 2 years old and older. Social distancing will be in place and the library is asking that everyone limit their stays to 1 hour at a time.

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