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A church that was built by immigrants for immigrants over 100 years ago is getting its second complete renovation.


The St. Joseph Parish held a press conference yesterday at St. Joseph Catholic Church, speaking on the renovations the church will be undergoing.


The Chairperson of the Renovation Committee Alan Hoffman says that this renovation will be a way to give the church a new sense of life.


“I do feel it is important for us to get current because the younger generation are expecting are expecting different things. We recently worked on a strategic plan for the parish. We’ve got some major goals, you know? So we’re really trying to rejuvenate and reinvigorate to perish. Major goals, you know?”


Studies for the renovation began in 2017 and now work will move forward.


The renovation will cost just under $10 million. The money will be raised through the “Our Time” Capital Campaign.


Chairperson for the “Our Time” Capital Campaign Dan Fritch mentions that the cultural impact that St. Joespeh Church has had on Jasper and Dubois County is more than just a religious gathering place.


“I think it covers three areas. First of all, it covers our faith. So it was built on our faith and it still stands on our faith. I think the second thing is the caring part of this church, this church community. I keep telling everyone it’s not just about this building. It’s about what it represents in this community. The caring that we have as a community for people. And then the last thing is the hope. They didn’t build this church 150 years ago without having hope that it would flourish and continue to grow and nurture this community. So, really, those are the three things I think that this structure helps represent for this area.”


Work will begin in May when work begins on the exterior of the church. Tuck pointing and conservation of the grand stone and the bell tower will be focused on.


Come September, interior work will begin. The church will get a greeting area, a separate space, as well as structure updates. There will also be new paint designs on the ceiling.


Interior work will close the church for about one year. Services will continue in the Parish Center.


The pastor for St. Joseph Parish Father Eugene Schmitt says that the renovations will make the church feel more welcoming than before.


“The church at times can look a little dark. We don’t want it like ‘bright, bright’, but a warm brightness to it, a warm glow to it. And some of the elderly struggle to hear, especially because everything bounces in here. With the sound engineers we can make the sound really directed just at their level and not bouncing off the walls. So we really think we can improve the sound and we can improve the lighting, So those are two things that will probably see a change.”


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