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Grant funding is now available to help boost recycling markets, manufacturing capacity, and job creation throughout the state.

Eligible candidates can apply for grants ranging from $50,000 to $500,000.

Proposals are being accepted now through June 23rd and must show a need, an increase in recyclable material collection or consumption, a reduction in municipal solid waste shipped for final disposal, or improved partnerships with communities, including economic impacts and increased public awareness of recycling opportunities through tangible outreach and education efforts.

Public and private businesses, local government, schools, solid waste management districts, and nonprofit organizations located and doing business in Indiana are all eligible.

Projects should demonstrate sustainability and an understanding of the changing economy for recyclers and look at where monies can be used most effectively to increase statewide recycling.

The grants are made possible through the Recycling Market Development Program.

Final funding determinations will be made by October 2021.

To apply, visit For additional information, please contact 800-988-7901 or

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