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A Huntingburg couple has been arrested and is now facing felony drug charges. The arrests resulted from information obtained during a May 26 drug arrest.

Grayson and Eve Zink were arrested May 28 and are charged with:

  • dealing in a schedule I controlled substance, Level 6 felony,
  • dealing in marijuana over 30 grams, Class A misdemeanor,
  • possession of a narcotic drug, Level 6 felony
  • maintaining a common nuisance, Level 6 felony.

During an investigation of William and April Blackwood, Huntingburg, that occurred on May 26, Dubois County Sheriff’s Department officers were given consent to search William Blackwood’s phone.  According to a probable cause affidavit, they discovered conversations between Grayson Zink and William Blackwood that showed a pattern of drug dealing. The messages indicated that large amounts of LSD and marijuana were being sold between the two.

Officer John Anderson went to the Zink residence May 28 and told Grayson Zink he had seen his conversations with William Blackwood. Zink admitted he had marijuana, THC vape cartridges, wax and dab in his home. Wax and dab are highly concentrated THC extracts that are commonly vaporized. The level of THC in wax and dab can be as high as 99%.  When officers called Eve Zink to the door, they could smell raw marijuana on her person. After some discussion, the couple gave consent to search their home.

Eve Zink directed officers to a safe containing 32.4 grams of a green plant material that looked and smelled like marijuana and eight THC vape cartridges/THC juice droppers.

Officers also found a used marijuana grinder, a bottle of THC wax, a digital scale and in a freezer they located a partial sheet of LSD containing about 54 hits. Officers seized Grayson Zink’s phone as evidence.

The search was halted when Eve Zink asked officers to stop.  Both Zinks were placed under arrest and remain incarcerated at the Dubois County Jail.


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