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A new historical marker is making sure a crucial piece of law enforcement history is never forgotten.

The Indiana State Police celebrated the legacy of the Jasper Post on Wednesday morning by unveiling a historical marker.

Indiana State Police Jasper Post PIO, Sergeant David Henderson, says a lot of work went on behind the scenes to make it possible.

“There was a lot of hard work that went into this. Former Major Danny Price, Lauren Baker from the Indiana State Police Museum, ISP Superintendent Doug Carter, and numerous troopers from the post donated to this historical marker,” Henderson says.

The post was built in the 1930s and is the last remaining Works Progress Administration Post still being utilized by the Indiana State Police.

Since then, Henderson says there has always been someone answering the phone.

“The post has been manned 24 hours a day for the past 70 years,” he says.

Henderson explains what it was like in the beginning.

“Back in the 30s and 40s, the troopers would live here [the post] for the first six months and get to know their job. After that, the post just became home. The troopers would come here with their families,” he says.

For many troopers, like Henderson, the post is more than just a workplace.

“This place is home. Troopers have put their heart and soul into this place for many years. They just love it and are welcome here all of the time. For the guys here now, this [historical marker] is great. This place will be here when our kids grow up and for our grandkids. They can come out and see our story,” Henderson says.

Sergeant Henderson, troopers from the Jasper Post, and everyone involved in the Indiana State Police would like to thank everyone who made this historical marker possible.

The inscription of the historical marker reads:

“Increased crime during the Great Depression demanded an expanded police presence and faster communication technology. In response, the Motor Vehicle Police (established in 1921) was recognized as the Indiana State Police in 1933. The new division investigated crimes, patrolled roadways, and responded to emergencies across the state. By 1935, more posts were needed.

The Work’s Progress Administration helped build modern State Police facilities and a network of radio towers across the state. The improved technology and coverage helped troopers coordinate efforts, respond quickly, and decrease crime. The WPA completed the Indiana State Police Jasper Post (No. 8) in 1938, which served fourteen surrounding counties.”

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