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Over 220 new laws went into effect in the Hoosier State today.

House Enrolled Act 1006 brings reform to law enforcement throughout the state. The act establishes mandatory de-escalation training for all law enforcement officers and gives the Indiana Law Enforcement Training Board a way of decertifying an officer who is guilty of misconduct. Also, if an officer turns off their body cam with the intent to conceal their actions, they will be charged with a Class A misdemeanor.

House Enrolled Act 1230 expands Indiana’s successful Safe Haven Law, which has saved the lives of dozens of newborns, by allowing struggling parents to legally turn over custody of their child to medical staff.

A higher punishment will be given to those stealing parts from vehicles. Senate Enrolled Act 167 establishes the theft of a component or part of a vehicle, such as a catalytic converter, as a level 6 felony.

To protect the people of Indiana and their property, Senate Enrolled Act 187 increases the criminal penalties for rioting and allows the state government to withhold funds from local governments that fail to preserve their monuments and memorials from destruction.

Senate Enrolled Act 377 establishes the Indiana Broadband Connectivity program with the intent of expanding access to the internet across the state.

Senate Enrolled Act 263 prohibits state and local government from restricting the right to worship in person during an emergency. It also prevents state and local governments from imposing restrictions on religious organizations and religious services that are more restrictive than other businesses and organizations deemed “essential services” during a disaster.

Finally, Senate Enrolled Act 97 designates popcorn grown in Indiana as the state snack.

To see what other laws went into effect: Click here

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