Truck Crashes into Sturm Hardware on the Square in Jasper

 Sturm’s Hardware storefront in downtown Jasper was damaged by a pickup truck. According to the police report, the 71-year-old female driver identified as Agatha Hasenour was driving a 2002 GMC Sierra and was attempting to park in a parking stall in front of Sturms Hardware Store, facing Southeast. As the vehicle approached the curb in her parking stall, the driver attempted to hit the brake but instead pressed the accelerator, causing her vehicle to continue forward. 

The Vehicle went over the curb, impacting a City of Jasper parking sign with the front of the vehicle,  then sideswiped a light pole with the left side of her vehicle and continued Southeast onto the sidewalk. She continued on the sidewalk until impacting the front of Sturm Hardware Store

The store was closed and unoccupied at the time of the incident. The driver did not complain of any injuries.

Sturms Hardware Store sustained substantial damage to the front of the building and the products inside the store. The city of Jasper parking sign was knocked out of the concrete and the light pole was hit with minor damage. Total Damage was estimated to be around $1,500 in damages.

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