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An Evansville man is facing numerous charges after he was caught with MORE drugs after already being in police custody.

According to the Evansville Police Department, they initiated a traffic stop for a dim license plate. During the search, one of the passengers in the car identified as 32-year-old Christopher Boyd Jr of Evansviile was found with multiple blue pills in his socks that were marked with an “M30” indentified which primarily contained fentanyl and a singular, white, and round pill. Boyd told police the pills were given to him by his Aunt to help ease the pain of a bullet that was lodged in his back and he believed them to be Percocet’s. EPD would question Boyd about the two differences in the medications to which he informed them that his Aunt “must have got her medicine mixed up.”

As EPD officers began a pat down and search they noticed Boyd tensing up who assured them he simply was unable to spread his legs far apart due to his injury. He also told police numerous times that he was hiding nothing in his groin or rear end. EPD says at the jail, Boyd walked with a limp and appeared to be clenching his butt while walking. A body scanner allegedly detected a large object and further search turned up two bags with a green leafy substance. Officers helped Boyd to the ground and officers allegedly found a handgun in his rear. EPD police say the gun was not reported as stolen or missing when checked.

Police stated that Boyd became extremely uncooperative with them and had to be placed into a restraint chair. While he was restrained Evansville Police received information on Boyd’s criminal background that showed a lengthy history out of Chicago with priors for a 2011 attempted murder charge, along with a burglary and domestic battery charge from 2018. All this led to finding out that Christopher Boyd was a serious and violent felon who had a current Protective Order against him and ensured he should never be allowed to have possession of a firearm.

A check of the pills revealed the white pill identified as Acetaminophen and Oxycodone Hydrochloride, a schedule 2 narcotic. The two M30 pills were also identified as Oxycodone Hydrochloride with a small amount of one of the pills testing positive for fentanyl. The bags removed from the rectum of Boyd later tested positive for THC.

Boyd was booked into the Vanderburgh County Jail on at least 10 different charges of trafficking, intimidation, and possession.

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