Launch Indiana Encourages Entrepreneurship

Dubois Strong in collaboration with Current Blend brought Launch Indiana to the Old Town Hall in Huntingburg Friday afternoon. Local business leaders gathered to hear about whats on the horizon in the way of K-12 entrepreneurial education and community leader education. In attendance where all walks of business life from bankers to volunteer chairmen to town mayors.

Launch Indiana presented their mission of increasing the number of successful Indiana based innovation driven enterprises through mentorship and education. The afternoon luncheon focused on the revitalization of communities through Indiana along with a new model of investing in communities that has proven effective. These investments  will assist the community in retaining top entrepreneurial talent as well as recruiting talent to emerging innovation driven organizations.

The focus then turned to the obstacle in establishing a successful start up community. Most importantly how to identify the key players who will advance an organization quickly. Launch Indiana has created an interactive database that can be accessed through a map on its website that maps areas an aspiring entrepreneur can connect to other entrepreneurs. Huntingburg’s very own Current Blend can be connected with through this site.

Current Blend in Huntingburg is a co-working space designed for persons to participate in an entrepreneurial ecosystem by offering a modern co-working space with office amenities to launch your business.

Dubois Strong who organized the days events is an organization that is passionate about maximizing the community through economic development by providing a productive and welcoming environment for innovative entrepreneurs.

If your interested in finding out more and tap into your entrepreneurial spirit check out Launch Indianans website at or  Dubois Strong website at


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