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The Dubois County Solid Waste District now has a program for recycling bins that can be borrowed for public events such as festivals, fairs, meals, meetings, and more!

Through an anonymous donation, the District is encouraging use of a new bin-lending program.

The Solid Waste District has from 1 to 20 bins for any group or organization that would like to encourage recycling at their event.

The available bins, called ClearStream Bins, are portable, easy to set up, and use a clear bag so that event-goers can see what is in the bag and are more likely to recycle. Due to the convertible nature of the bins, groups can decide if they will recycle bottles, cans, paper, and/or a single stream of “recyclables.”

The District will provide bins and bags to any group for their public event. Groups will need to set the bins up, take care of their own recycling and record how many bags of recycling were collected.

Carla Striegel-Winner, Director of Dubois County Solid Waste District, says she hopes that the district will see lots of event organizers taking advantage of the bin-lending program. She says she’s continually asked why events do not offer recycling, and says it should help with that issue.

To reserve bins or find out more about the program, please call Carla at the District office at 812-482-7865.

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