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Last night the Jasper Utility Services Board gathered to discuss the cost effects on carrying out the possible demolition project on the now idle Jasper Power Plant located along East 15th Street or simply reverting from the idea towards other alternatives.

Jasper Utilities Board member, Wayne Schuetter, recommended that the board collectively should “reject all bids” and to refrain from having an agency come in to tear down the more than 45-year old structure.

The bids came from various companies located in Chicago, Michigan, as well as Indiana. At an earlier meeting the board had observed that the bids weren’t what they expected and would not achieve any revenue for the city and said that in return the cost would be too high to carry out the demolition and salvation of the plant.

The board unanimously decided on rejecting the bids. Based on this vote the board moved on to the next step to then publicly announce that the plant will not be firing up with coal anymore and therefore not operate in any function.

Also, in relation to the public statement of discontinuing the Jasper Power Plant activity and to reduce monthly costs it was recommended to eliminate the position attached to getting the plant started up again since the board voted the power plant won’t be active. Due to this the personnel for this position is no longer needed and the elimination of the position was approved.
The board discussed among themselves and addressed the public, that while the demolition may not be taking place the plant cannot remain active either.

Shuetter explains the reasons why keeping the power plant active wouldn’t be an alternative due to the cost effects.

Schuetter notes that by eliminating the facility as a coal fire plant the utility board can move forward by reducing their insurance costs on the plant.

Now since its been decided that the plant will not be active, Schuetter adds that an alternative to the plant structure had been previously discussed for the sale of the facility to those interested whether they be commercial or industrial buyers and have the option to repurpose the facility.

Currently there are no immediate plans for the plant.

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