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At a special meeting, Tuesday evening, the Jasper Public Library Board discussed the developments with the library’s side in regards to the ongoing-steps leading up to the Jasper Cultural Center.

While the 3 components required to gain funds include the Jasper Public Library Board, Jasper’s Arts Commission, and a private developer, at the same time that side of the project is separate from each group having to accomplish their individual requirements.

For example, the Library Board must undergo protocol to be granted with a referendum later this year but prior to that there are still various tasks and actions to establish, than simply wait for a referendum.

Though there are various steps to be accomplished by each group, the Library Board displayed steps-forward as they approved for Board President, Dean Vonderheide to sign an agreement for an option to purchase the Hoosier Desk Property as property owners Paul and Ken Sternberg have already signed their portion of the agreement.

Now, this is only an option to purchase the official outcome of acquiring the property depending on the referendum.

Jasper Library Director, Christine Golden, speaks on the data that was also presented at the special meeting created by Umbaugh & Associates group about an estimated look at the GO Bond Taxpayer Impact Analysis…

This data demonstrates a 10, 15, and 19 year interest expense as well as the estimated monthly taxpayer impact depending on categories such as Median homes, farmland, and rental & commercial property. The figures in this data are not concrete, but simply provide an estimated outlook of what it would mean to be involved as a taxpayer.

Golden assures that the board has the intention to be upfront as far as information with community members as the outcome of this project involves all to participate…

Golden hopes with information provided and meetings between the board and public residents, the community can feel confident about their decision to support the Jasper Cultural Center. She and board members encourage the public to contact them with any questions about how this project will impact the everyday tax payer and also any questions about the overall project.

Golden made clear that the residents in the City of Jasper and Bainbridge Township are not assisting the contractual library in paying for the libraries in Dubois, Birdseye and Ferdinand. She explained that several comments had been made recently about the residents in Bainbridge and Jasper paying for Ferdinand’s library. She said that property taxes from these areas only go to the Jasper Library.

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