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Future leaders, such as women who aim for government offices has not been a recent movement but has been sought by rising leaders throughout history. For the conclusion of the national recognition of women’s history month series, Nancy Eckerle, Executive Director of the Jasper Chamber of Commerce as well as a City Council Member, and Tammy Humbert, Dubois County Emergency Management Director, represent the local government sector for Dubois County.

According to the National Women’s History Museum, in 1972 Victoria Woodhull was the first women to run for presidency of the United States on the equal rights party ticket at the age of 34. Woodhull was born in Homer, Ohio and was an advocate for equal education for women, woman’s right to vote, among other issues. At the time Woodhull was unable to gain votes from some of her supporter as women did not have the right to vote at the time. In present day we can observe the progress in society with women taking leadership in various government offices and capacities.


NE-2Nancy Eckerle, has been with the Chamber of Commerce for about 28 years and recently became part of the Jasper City Council. Eckerle, has previously served on the City Council before being elected again for this year. In the past she had also run for mayor.

Eckerle, provides her prospective about achieving a government role and establishing working relationships with other leaders.

She adds that this applies to anyone whether women or men as long as an individual puts their heart and soul into seeking a government position. With various leadership roles Eckerle is involved with she also elaborates on the role the Chamber of Commerce provides the community.

She adds that while the chamber is a business organization the chamber also involves the everyday resident as the Chamber cares to address the quality of life as well.


TH2 The Dubois County Emergency Management department serves the purpose to help communities and has been recognized at the recent Indiana State Poultry Assessment Meeting with its textbook actions when addressing the Avian Flu issue. Tammy Humbert shares her experience in the department as she has been invovled with the department since 1992 as she started in the secretary position, then proceeded to the deputy director. She than assumed responsibility of director in 2010. Humbert has various responsibilities among those includes the coordination for county resources, training for local responders, with the goal to make sure the department is prepared for emergencies and Humbert states her main object is to safe lives and property.

Humbert states her experience working with other departments in the local government sector.

As a leader in her position she also encourages those seeking any government role to continue onto higher education .

While the national recognition of women’s history month is marked until today the impact of women and men leaders in Dubois County is apparent through their everyday actions to improve the quality of life for the Jasper community.

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