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Officials with the Indiana Department of Transportation say they will hold a public education meeting later this week to help local residents become familiar with the J-Turns at State Road 62 and Washington Street and State Road 62/State Road 68 near Dale.

The event is set for 10 am till 1 pm this Saturday in the blue gym of Heritage Hills High School.

During that time, motorists will be able to look at several maps to familiarize themselves with the new traffic patterns at the intersections. There will be an interactive map on the gym floor as well, on which those on hand will be able to walk the new configuration or drive a radio controlled car around the J-turns.

INDOT will also have project designers, project managers and others on hand to answer any questions.

INDOT says that based on an extensive study they have concluded that J-turns will drastically improve safety at the two intersections of U.S. 231 and State Road 62/68.

When completed, U.S. 231 traffic will still be able to go straight or turn left and right. State Road 62/Washington Street and S.R. 62/68 traffic will not be able to go straight or turn left through the intersections. These movements will be made indirectly by first making right turns, traveling a short distance and making a legal U-turn.

INDOT officials have taken steps to work with local residents in tailoring the intersections’ design to area specific needs including heavy truck and local farm traffic.

Design improvements include:

•Lengthened turn lanes in both the north- and southbound lanes to make it easier for trucks and farm traffic to safely maneuver into the proper lane.

•U-turns designed to accommodate standard tractor trailer length.

•Mountable curbs in the U-turn sections for oversized vehicles.

•Extensive lighting for both maneuvers and for warning.

•An island median to allow for left turns while traveling U.S. 231.

•Non-mountable curbs in the island to discourage improper movements.

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