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Monday evening, the Dubois County Council and the public paid attention to updates given by Dubois Strong President, Ed Cole, regarding the organization’s economic development projects  and community initiatives as it pertains to local business and professional growth.

Cole spoke about the Certificate of Occupancy that is a helpful tool for homeowners or commercial entities as they seek aid from a loan institution. Cole says some loan institutions prefer clients to have this type of certificate.

Cole added that Dubois Strong is working with other communities such as the City of Huntingburg with a Certificate of Occupancy and once it’s established in Huntingburg then Dubois Strong will move into working with the City of Jasper as well. Cole told the council that the goal is for Jasper, Huntingburg, as well as the Town of Ferdinand to come up with a uniform fee for those to acquire the certificate.

Cole Also told the council that a funding reduction from their current $60,000 is proposed to be decreased to $55,000 for Dubois Strong and for Grow Dubois the proposed decrease would be from the current $80,000 to $65,000 which is a total of $20,000 in proposed funding reduction.

Other areas that Dubois Strong is working on or collaborating include:

  • Working on the Tour of Opportunity Program with 8th graders from Dubois & Pike Counties that will tour manufacturing facilities around September.
  • Wanting to do focus groups in KY & IL to determine what will motivate them to move to Dubois.
  • Mentioned that Dubois County has 3 shovel ready sites available.
  • Doing outreach programs to educate on start-up essentials on starting a businesses.


Also Monday afternoon, County Highway Superintendent, Steve Berg, approached the council with a similar proposal of funding reduction in the form of adjustments.

Berg stated that upon dialogue shared with his department, members of the council, and commissioners a 4-year plan for highway infrastructure was created.

Berg says the Community Crossings Matching Grant the department aims to apply for of a half million dollars that must be matched will result in a total of 1 million dollars. Berg pointed out that usually the department asks the council for $800,000 annually, but expect that to change once the grant becomes a possibility.

Berg says he believes the 1 million dollars would help accomplish more tasks that need work and that in the course of a 4-year period the county will be saving 3.2 million dollars in EDIT funds.

The council approved the proposed 4-year plan. Council President, Greg Kendall, shared his appreciation for both Dubois Strong and the Highway Department in their attempts to reduce funds requested from county departments.

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