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The Deputy Under Secretary for the Rural Development Mission Area,Lillian Salerno, and Indiana State Director of USDA Rural Development and Jasper native, Philip Lehmkuhler, recently spent time at the corporate offices of German American Bank this week.

The purpose of their visit was to exercise dialogue with  German American and provided a recognition plaque for their dedication in providing capital to businesses in rural America that play a significant role for the national economy.


The dialogue centered on the continued partnership between German American Bank and the United States Department of Agriculture to help the ever growing entrepreneur sector of local business.


Lehmkuhler, elaborates on the impact German American has on the Dubois County Community.

Lehmkuhler says one of his goals is to see if USDA programs are helpful and how can they make them more efficient and effective for GAB’s clients. He adds that as the community has grown the bank has grown and successfully expanded throughout Indiana.

As an entrepreneur herself, Salerno, states that being an entrepreneur is about taking risks.

Prior to her service in the federal government, Salerno successfully founded an advanced manufacturing company which started with a Small Business Innovation Grant.

She says she has a genuine interest in advocating for small businesses and reflected on the work German American Bank has accomplished in one occasion by providing a loan to a company who’s intention is not only to expand but is located in a rural area.

She explains that such investments and outreach demonstrates the dedication a financial institution has for its community and helps businesses accomplish their goal of owning a local business and setting the foundation for that reality.

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